This Is What Happens When You Go Bicycle Camping and Trailside Camping

This Is What Happens When You Go Bicycle Camping and Trailside Camping

Have you ever gone camping? Some outdoors enthusiasts argue that it doesn’t count as true
camping unless you’re far off the beaten path in a tent. Some of the more rustic forms of
camping can be much more adventurous than those you do in a camper or at a campground. If
you’ve been considering going deeper into the great outdoors for your next camping trip (no
glamping this trip), consider bicycle camping or trailside camping. Below, SportStade shares a
few of the things you can expect if you decide to rough it.

  1. You Will Have More Time for Fun

The purpose of bicycle camping or trailside camping is to venture off the beaten path and spend
more time in nature. You can go places that don’t feature hotels or hostels and see more of
America’s beautiful countryside when you opt for one of these camping styles.

Without being tied down to reservations at a campsite or hotel, you’re free to spend as much
time as you want climbing a breathtaking rock face or conquering mountain bike trails.
Justraveling.com points out that many campers find that bicycle or trailside camping helps them
unplug and relax more because they are disconnected from the rest of the world. This is
especially true for those holding leadership positions at their job, where the bottom line and
managing employees can cause mounting stress. So, delegate some tasks, prepare your
business beforehand, and get away for a little while. Just remember that during vacation, leave
work at work, where it belongs.

By the way, if this type of adventure sounds appealing, you have to check out the mountain bike
and hiking trails in the canyon country of the American Southwest. Outside points out that some
of the best mountain bike trails await you in Sedona, Arizona, and some of the best rock
climbing spots
stand in Boulder, Colorado. In many cases, bicycle and trailside camping are the
only ways you can reach these areas.

2. You Will Appreciate Nature Even More

If you’ve only ever been car or RV camping, you haven’t quite experienced the sights and
sounds of nature like those who go bicycle camping and trailside camping have. You’ll be
removed from many of the tourists and car campers when you travel lightly by bike or foot,
meaning you’re able to enjoy more of the scenery without sharing the space with many fellow
campers trying to do the same.

This type of rustic camping, or dispersed camping, provides more peace and quiet, more
seclusion, and more solitude. Keep in mind that you won’t have access to modern amenities like
electricity or running water when you go bike camping or trailside camping. You’ll have to cook
over a fire
and spend your time swimming, hiking, or talking with your camping group. You also
will bathe in a lake or stream. Simply put, you will be immersed in nature, and you will leave with
a greater appreciation of it.

3. You Will Learn to Pack Only What You Need

Keep in mind that you will want to bike or hike as much as you can when you opt to go bicycle
or trailside camping. These minimalist styles of camping force you to pack only what you need
notes Kempoo, so you can pedal or walk quickly and enjoy the scenery on the way to your next
adventure. That’s why you should pack the essentials for these types of camping trips and
nothing more. You may want to take along a camera or a journal, however, so you can
document your first bicycle camping or trailside camping trip.

Bicycle camping and trailside camping deliver a truly rustic experience for people who want to
experience more of the great outdoors. You will have more time for fun, you will appreciate
nature even more, and you will learn to pack the essentials and nothing more when you choose
to bike, hike, and camp away from the rest of the world.

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