Roger Federer is not happy with something in AO 2020

Roger Federer is not happy with something in AO 2020

The Swiss survived an epic saving 7 match points to reach another S-Finals in Australian Open after getting past Tennys Sandgren.

The score was 6-3 / 2-6 / 2-6 / 7-6(8) / 6-3 after a big long battle.

Roger Federer said in the post match interview that He did not deserve the win more than his opponent but that he’s happy he got through.

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Anyways, Jim Courier revealed that Roger Federer is not happy with the Ball quality in Australian Open 2020,

the balls look heavier and bounce higher in addition to the slow court it’s a becoming a tough mission for Federer,

“Roger Federer is probably not very happy about the balls as they get big and heavy after just a couple of games,”

“The balls are heavy and they are not bouncing up and I think the court suits Novak Djokovic better.”

“Rafa [Nadal] would have been the favorite against most of the people but not if he faces Novak Djokovic in the final again.” 

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Moreover, Roger Federer felt the court feels like a clay court on a hard surface and with the balls, it’s even harder.

“It does feel sometimes like a bit of a clay court where you can maneuver your opponent around until he’s not there anymore,”

“and you can just I don’t want to say you can hit it in the open court, but it’s easier to construct the point and end up with a winner.”

“Whereas if it’s faster, you have to hit it on the back foot sometimes. You hit it late and you hope it stays in.

“This is why you see us either having a lot of unforced errors or a lot of winners.

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