6 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game
(Besides Playing More Rounds)

6 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game<br>(Besides Playing More Rounds)

Practice makes perfect, but what if your golf game isn’t improving as quickly as you’d like?
There are other things you can do to improve your technique besides spending more time at the
golf course and driving range. Here are our favorite ways to hone our golf skills at SportStade.

Get fitted for equipment

When was the last time you got fitted for clubs? If it’s been more than five years (or you’re a
beginner who’s never been fitted), your swing may be suffering. Properly fitted clubs improve
swing, distance, and direction for all standards of players. Frequent players may need to have
their equipment fitted as often as every two to three years. Consider club type, performance,
and wear or tear when deciding how often to visit a fitter.

Practice in the off-season

Fall is one of the best times to play golf, and not just because the crisp autumn weather offers a
welcome change from the summer heat. Golfing can feel rushed during the busy summer
season when there’s almost always a group hovering right behind you. After the crowds let up at
the end of summer, there’s more time to plan your shot and enjoy the round. Golf pros also
have more time for lessons in the fall. Start with a beginner golf clinic if you’re still learning the
. Once you have your swing down, one-on-one lessons with a PGA-certified instructor will
improve your game.

Build a backyard golf setup

You don’t have to hit the course to improve your golf game. You can practice in your own
backyard with the right setup. If you don’t have an expansive yard, invest in hitting nets,
chipping baskets, and other training aids to hone your swing at home. If you do have the space,
update your home’s landscaping with a backyard putting green. Look for a level location away
from the house and without too many trees but don’t worry about a couple of small trees. As
long as they’re not massive, tree removal won’t break your budget.

Download a golf app

Golf apps do more than keep score. You can download smartphone apps to analyze your
swing, get tips and drills, and brush up on official golf rules. Check out this list from the Southern
California Golf Association for the best apps to up your golf game on the course or at home.

Splurge on an indoor golf simulator

Indoor golf simulators are the ultimate splurge for the golf fanatic. These systems start around
for an affordable golf simulator and can cost more than $50,000 for high-end home
simulators. In addition to creating a realistic golf experience, home golf simulators use sensors
to capture data like speed, distance, and spin and help you fine-tune your swing.

Go on a golf vacation

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or an excuse to get away, a destination golf trip
could be just the thing you need to break through your plateau. A golf trip is a chance to practice
on new courses and terrains and fully immerse yourself in the game. Most golf travel
destinations also have a golf academy where you can take lessons from a PGA Coach. Some of
the most popular resorts include Torrey Pines, Coeur d’Alene Resort, and Four Seasons Resort

From simple to splurge-worthy, we hope you enjoyed these ideas for improving your golf game
this year. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your clubs and get practicing — rain or shine, on
the golf course or at home!

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